Reporting Illegal or Unethical Behavior

What should employees do if they discover unethical or illegal behavior? Should they raise concerns without fears of retaliation?

Employees are doing a favor for the company and its stakeholder by raising concerns about unethical or illegal behaviors. One day or the other, the act will come to light, and it will cost the company its reputation on top of legal suits, regulatory penalties, settlement costs and loss of market share.

The latest on Volkswagen (VW) diesel emissions scandal is that “Volkswagen has agreed to pay almost $15 billion to settle claims in the United States, and it must buy back or fix affected vehicles by December 2018. As part of the settlement, more than $10 billion has been set aside to buy back the roughly 475,000 Volkswagens and Audi A3 models that have 2-liter engines.” (Gates, Ewing, Russell, & Watkins, 2016) Continue reading “Reporting Illegal or Unethical Behavior”