Emerging Threats

To determine what are the emerging threats, we need to know what are emerging technologies. According to World Economic Forum, the following are emerging technologies:

  1. Nanosensors and the Internet of Nanothings
  2. Next Generation Batteries
  3. The Blockchain
  4. 2D Materials
  5. Autonomous Vehicles
  6. Organs-on-chips
  7. Perovskite Solar Cells
  8. Open AI Ecosystems
  9. Optogenetics
  10. Systems Metabolic Engineering.

Correlating this with 2016 Verizon Breach Report, I believe malware to command and control (C2) and then to compromise accounts and devices would be the top in coming years especially for the merging technologies like nanosensors with IoT, the blockchain, autonomous vehicles and open AI ecosystems. A compromise of these technologies would impact privacy. That doesn’t mean other technology would not have an impact. The same techniques would be used for cyber espionage and intellectual property theft. Most of the attack would happen over the Internet. Continue reading “Emerging Threats”